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This post, my first post ever written in English by the way, is some kind of a "I'm sorry"-post for all english-speaking Dreamwidth users, who suddenly discovered their favorite platform covered by unknown language posts. I can imagine how annoying it can be. And I do realize that for some users it can look like an invasion. So here's the deal:

Now in Russia the political situation is close to be critical. Level of life is going down. The distance between small group of extremely reach people and all the others is growing up every day. I mean there's some group of "Abramovich's", which is well known worldwide because of all those yachts, soccer clubs and palaces. All other millions of Russians are barely living. The money the earn is barely enough for food. The middle class almost doesn't exist.

Meanwhile all news on the TV and newspapers are strongly controlled by Putin and all other former KGBsts. So news mainstream is only about how perfect our life is. And about how deep the worlds economy is falling now. No any word about corruption, which is huge. No any word about Russian legal system, which doesn't guarantee any human right. The only information source were blogs. And the most popular was LiveJournal platform.

However that platform is not stable anymore. Nobody knows for which reason. But this year we have a parliament elections and next year the elections of the president. Whatever you think, but Russian LJ-users are 100% sure that LJ was down because of hackers attack, organized by Russian Secret Services in order to clean up the media field for safe reelections. And even if tomorrow LJ officially confirms that those problems were only a technical issue, 90% of all Russians will answer: "Oh yeah, sure, technical issues, like we really believe in that..."

This is why, when those problems with LJ appeared again we all started to search for some other place, where we could post the truth and read the truth about what's really going on in our country. This is the situation. 99% of all Russians here are still posting into LJ but with the backup on DW. Just in case if LJ will finally die.


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