Aug. 16th, 2011

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Булыжник, как известно из первоисточника - главное орудие пролетариата. Именно по этой причине, заменив традиционные мостовые на новомодные асфальтовые улицы, власть когда-то в тайне вздохнула с облегчением. Нет, народ тогда власть безусловно любила, даже очень, но спокойней она себя чувствовала, когда ей доводилось любить народ безоружный.

Даже страшно представить себе, во что могли вылиться лондонские беспорядки, окажись под рукой у британской гопоты булыжники. Могло получиться кгайне пгискогбно. Или к примеру взять Манежку конца прошлого года: один дебил или провокатор, один булыжник, брошенный в оцепление, и пошел диалог народа с властью.

Я это все к тому веду, что поспешность и слаженность, с которой нынешний мэр Москвы меняет асфальтовое покрытие тротуаров на по сути булыжники, меня начинает даже пугать. Здесь даже "бизнес жены" давно гикнулся бы, не выдержав таких темпов. Прошлый мэр даже свои любимые кольца прокладывал медленнее. Медленнее и солиднее что ли, без этой вот суеты, явно получая удовольствие от самого процесса, а никак не ради получения скорейшего результата. Тут же явно спешим!!! Явно есть какой-то срок, в который надо успеть это дело все уложить.

Вы меня конечно опять можете уличить в излишней подозрительности и приверженности теории заговора, но оно вот, на поверхности: в самые неспокойные времена весь центр Москвы в срочном порядке раздолбили и разложили повсюду любимую игрушку гопоты всего мира, всех времен и народов, классический булыжник. Если вы думаете, что я окончательно поплыл от жары, что такие мысли могут прийти только в мою больную голову, то милости прошу оценить видео, заснятое прошедшей ночью в центре Москвы, особенно внимательно прошу послушать диалог за кадром на минуте 2-10:

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This post, my first post ever written in English by the way, is some kind of a "I'm sorry"-post for all english-speaking Dreamwidth users, who suddenly discovered their favorite platform covered by unknown language posts. I can imagine how annoying it can be. And I do realize that for some users it can look like an invasion. So here's the deal:

Now in Russia the political situation is close to be critical. Level of life is going down. The distance between small group of extremely reach people and all the others is growing up every day. I mean there's some group of "Abramovich's", which is well known worldwide because of all those yachts, soccer clubs and palaces. All other millions of Russians are barely living. The money the earn is barely enough for food. The middle class almost doesn't exist.

Meanwhile all news on the TV and newspapers are strongly controlled by Putin and all other former KGBsts. So news mainstream is only about how perfect our life is. And about how deep the worlds economy is falling now. No any word about corruption, which is huge. No any word about Russian legal system, which doesn't guarantee any human right. The only information source were blogs. And the most popular was LiveJournal platform.

However that platform is not stable anymore. Nobody knows for which reason. But this year we have a parliament elections and next year the elections of the president. Whatever you think, but Russian LJ-users are 100% sure that LJ was down because of hackers attack, organized by Russian Secret Services in order to clean up the media field for safe reelections. And even if tomorrow LJ officially confirms that those problems were only a technical issue, 90% of all Russians will answer: "Oh yeah, sure, technical issues, like we really believe in that..."

This is why, when those problems with LJ appeared again we all started to search for some other place, where we could post the truth and read the truth about what's really going on in our country. This is the situation. 99% of all Russians here are still posting into LJ but with the backup on DW. Just in case if LJ will finally die.
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Here are the rules, how to talk to the police in Russia. I mean these are the rules, which are not official but everybody must know it. First of all before ask something please make sure that you look nice and your look doesn't make the policeman nervous. Because it looks like if the policeman doesn't like you he has right to rub you into the ground. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but from now on it looks like he has right to crash you by the car. Below  you will find a tv-report, which was not shown on a TV by the way yet, I believe it will be shown soon because of the huge scandal going on in the blogs. The idea of this report is that the road police of the Russian Far East  register the cars cut in half for bribes. New car needs a lot of customs duty to be paid. The car cut in half is not a car, so the duties are very low, almost nothing. After those car halves are delivered to Russia, someone just welds those part together and there you go. Crazy? Absolutely! But it's true. Anyway, when TV-reporter tries to ask the question about this, the policeman is pushing the gas over the reporter (it's on 3 min 20 sec).

Whatever you think about this but here's the official comments from the Russian Police:

We saw the video. The reason of what happened is that the reporter has shown some excessive insistence...

You got it? Be careful if your insistence is a little excessive. If it's not excessive then probably you are going to have luck. Or not. It depends on many things. Except law of course


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