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Here are the rules, how to talk to the police in Russia. I mean these are the rules, which are not official but everybody must know it. First of all before ask something please make sure that you look nice and your look doesn't make the policeman nervous. Because it looks like if the policeman doesn't like you he has right to rub you into the ground. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but from now on it looks like he has right to crash you by the car. Below  you will find a tv-report, which was not shown on a TV by the way yet, I believe it will be shown soon because of the huge scandal going on in the blogs. The idea of this report is that the road police of the Russian Far East  register the cars cut in half for bribes. New car needs a lot of customs duty to be paid. The car cut in half is not a car, so the duties are very low, almost nothing. After those car halves are delivered to Russia, someone just welds those part together and there you go. Crazy? Absolutely! But it's true. Anyway, when TV-reporter tries to ask the question about this, the policeman is pushing the gas over the reporter (it's on 3 min 20 sec).

Whatever you think about this but here's the official comments from the Russian Police:

We saw the video. The reason of what happened is that the reporter has shown some excessive insistence...

You got it? Be careful if your insistence is a little excessive. If it's not excessive then probably you are going to have luck. Or not. It depends on many things. Except law of course


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